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Antioch Speedway

Antioch Speedway

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Antioch Speedway

Antioch Speedway

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Antioch Speedway

Antioch Speedway

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Antioch Speedway

Antioch Speedway

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IMCA Divisions, Figure 8 Racing Entertain Fairgoers  Connelly, Holbrook Score Big Wins


Antioch Speedway

IMCA Divisions, Figure 8 Racing Entertain Fairgoers Connelly, Holbrook Score Big Wins

Antioch, CA...May 17-18...Antioch Speedway fans were treated to two nights of racing during the annual Contra Costa County Fair. On Friday, Clarence Holbrook of Galt had a $1,000 win in the 20 lap Figure 8 race. Merced Speedway champion Ryan Hart of Dos Palos was the 20 lap Pacific Coast Hobby Stock winner, while Oakley's Jake Tuttle won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint race.

Saturday night offered a trio of exciting IMCA sanctioned races. This included the first win for Dylan Connelly of Antioch in the IMCA Sport Modified Main Event, Kellen Chadwick of Oakley in IMCA Modifieds and Travis Dutra of Concord in IMCA Strock Cars.

Connelly had come close on multiple occasions during the previous two IMCA Sport Modified seasons. On Saturday night, he refused to let any of the yellow flag situations cost him a well-earned win.

Connelly took the lead from Oakley's Kelly Campanile with a Turn 4 pass on the second lap. Jason Ryan Jr of Oakley quickly settled into second. Four-time champion Fred Ryland of Brentwood settled into third on the fourth lap, but he spun in Turn 4 for a Lap 6 yellow flag. Connelly continued to set the pace ahead of Ryan on the restart, and a yellow flag waved for Oakley's Joseph Pato in Turn 4 on Lap 16.

Connelly kept his poise on the restart and surged ahead of Ryan to lead the remaining circuits for the win. Ryland assumed third on the last restart and made an outside pass on the back stretch on Lap 19 to take second from Ryan. Ryan settled for third ahead of incoming point leader Kenny Shrader of Pacheco and Campanile.

On the heels of his Central California Clash win a few weeks back, Chadwick knew he was on the right track with his car setup. Chadwick led the IMCA Modified field to the green flag ahead of reigning State champion Andrew Pearce of Oakley. However, a high pass in Turn 4 of the fourth circuit put Nick DeCarlo of Martinez into second. There was a mid-race yellow flag, but Chadwick remained in control on the restart. He led DeCarlo the rest of the way for his second-straight win. Pearce settled for third ahead of reigning champion Troy Foulger of Oakley and Santa Rosa's Randy Miramontez.

Scott Foster of Oakley set the early pace in the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car feature race, but he spun in Turn 4 for a Lap 3 yellow flag. This put Dutra into the lead ahead of Fred Ryland and Troy Foulger. Following a Lap 11 yellow flag that saw the race end for Foulger, Ryland began challenging Dutra down low on the restart.

Dutra kept his cool with one more yellow flag waving after 15 laps. Dutra surged ahead as the green flag waved and would hold off Ryland for the victory. Jason Jennings of Pittsburgh ended up third, followed by Dave Hill of South San Francisco and Jason Robles of Rio Vista.

Reigning 600 Micro Sprint champion Don McLeister of Stockton picked up the win in their 15 lap race. Devin McLeister of Stockton surged ahead at the start with Don McCleister and Ryan Dotson of Fremont in close pursuit. Don slipped past Devin to take the lead on the third circuit. Dotson made a Turn 2 pass on Devin McLeister to grab second on the sixth circuit. Don McLeister went on to win ahead of Dotson, Devin McLeister, Charlie Kight of Antioch and Buddy Chappell of Stockton.

The Friday program ended with a $1,000 to win 20 lap Figure 8. Holbrook was one of a few drivers who was giving the race a chance for the first time. When the checkered flag waved, Holbrook won a close battle for the impressive victory.

Terry DeCarlo Jr of Martinez had the pole for the race and charged into the early lead ahead of Bob Brown of Susanville. Holbrook slipped past Brown for second on the fifth lap, and Brown spun for a Lap 6 yellow flag. On the restart, Holbrook managed to race underneath DeCarlo entering Turn 3 to get the lead. DeCarlo had steering issues to end his race, and Michaela Taylor of Oakley settled into second ahead of Brandon Carpenter of Galt.

David Rosa of Antioch and Brown kept the lead five cars in close formation throughout the second half of the race. Carpenter took second from Taylor on Lap 13 with Rosa moving into third three laps later. Rosa and Carpenter had a side-by-side battle before Rosa surged ahead for what would be the $500 second place finish. Holbrook was a happy winner ahead of Rosa, Carpenter, Taylor and Brown.

For the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint race, Tuttle set the early pace ahead of two-time champion Bob Newberry of Brentwood. Newberry went low in Turn 4 of the third lap to grab the lead. Newberry was making all the right moves and seemed to have the race in the bag. Unfortunately, mechanical issues reared their ugly head on the 16th lap, ending a strong run for Newberry.

Tuttle was suddenly leading ahead of David Johnson of Richfield and Kevin Box of Bethel Island. Tuttle collected the satisfying win ahead of Johnson, Box, Chris Geilfuss of Antioch and Steve Maionchi of Sonora.

In the Pacific Coast Hobby Stock finale, Hart had a good early battle with Pittsburg's James Thomson. They went back and forth before Hart surged ahead with an inside pass in Turn 4 on Lap 3. Clarence Holbrook III slipped past Thomson for second on the fifth lap and started challenging Hart before a yellow flag waved for debris on the back stretch on Lap 6.

Colten Haney of Brentwood took the lead from Hart on the restart and held it until a low pass and Turn 2 of the 11th lap put Hart back in front. Holbrook slipped past Haney for second on the 15th lap. However, Hart went on to collect the win ahead of Holbrook, Haney, Thomson and Antioch's David Michael Rosa.

Racing returns on Saturday night with the Ninth Annual Larry Damitz Memorial race. The Xtreme Late Model Series will be in action along with the Wingless Spec Sprints, Mini Stocks, Dwarf Cars and Super Stocks. For further information, go to or check out the Antioch Speedway by PROmotions Facebook page.

Race Results (Saturday)
IMCA Modified
Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Kellen Chadwick. Main Event (20 Laps)-Kellen Chadwick, Nick DeCarlo, Andrew Pearce, Troy Foulger, Randy Miramontez, Raymond Keldsen Jr, Gary Hetrick.

IMCA Sport Modified
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Kenny Shrader, Fred Ryland. Main Event (20 Laps)-Dylan Connelly, Fred Ryland, Jason Ryan Jr, Kenny Shrader, Kelly Campanile, Tommy Clymens, Mark Garner, Al Johnson, James Graessle, Joseph Pato.

IMCA Stock Car
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Nick DeCarlo, Fred Ryland. Main Event (20 Laps)-Travis Dutra, Fred Ryland, Jason Jennings, Dave Hill, Jason Robles, Troy Foulger, Terry Decarlo Jr, Nick DeCarlo, Scott Foster.

600 Micro Sprint
Heat Winner (8 Laps)-Don McLeister. Main Event (15 Laps)-Don McLeister, Ryan Dotson, Devin McLeister, Charlie Kight, Buddy Chappell.

Race Results (Friday)
Pacifiic Coast Hobby Stock
Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Les Friend, James Thomson, Ryan Hart. Main Event (20 Laps)-Ryan Hart, Clarence Holbrook III, Colten Haney, James Thomson, David Michael Rosa, Brandon Carpenter, Taylor DeCarlo, Frank Furtado, Tommy Clymens, Rick Rogers.

Wingless Spec Sprint
Fast Time-Jacob Tuttle 14.648. Heat Winners (8 Laps)-Bob Newberry, Blake Bower. Main Event (20 Laps)-Jacob Tuttle, David Johnson, Kevin Box, Chris Geilfuss, Steve Maionchi, John Ulrich, Bob Newberry, Jim Perry III, Blake Bower, Sean Ryan Moniz Costa DNS.

Figure 8
Main Event (20 Laps)-Clarence Holbrook III, David Rosa, Brandon Carpenter, Michaela Taylor, Bob Brown, James Graessle, Angela Brown, Mike Conley Jr, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Jimmy Robbins.

Article Credit: Candice Martin, Photos by Katrina Kniss

Submitted By: Wylie Wade

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